​​In patients where the cancer is discovered at an early stage, the prognosis is generally good. The lethal nature of the disease and the lack of viable treatment options for metastatic RCC (RCC that has spread to other organs and sites beyond the kidney), is demonstrated by a 5-year survival rate of 8% for patients. [3]

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​Current treatments for metastatic RCC include surgical resection where available, various targeted drug therapies and several immunotherapy based treatments. While progress has been made in the past years, there is great need for continued trials and research in this area.  
It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to make the foundation successful. The community of RCC patients, along with their families and friends, help us get closer to our goal everyday. Our core team works tirelessly to coordinate events and raise awareness and funds for RCC.
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The Christopher J. Churchill Foundation, a Georgia nonprofit corporation, was established in May 2016 to memorialize and celebrate Chris's life, continue to cultivate his legacy of service and raise awareness of and contribute to research towards Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC). 100% of any money received by the Foundation goes to fund RCC research and host events that further raise awareness of RCC.

The Foundation was created by and continues to be sustained by family members and friends of Chris. We provide a supportive community made up of RCC survivors, RCC patients' families and friends - anyone and everyone is encouraged to get involved or reach out for support/help. #FightRCC

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It occurs more frequently in men than women, and is typically diagnosed in patients 65 or older - historically, it was uncommon for patients below these advanced ages to develop RCC. In recent years though, there has been an increase of RCC cases in adults aged 30-40 years. [2]

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Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) is a cancer that affects the kidneys and that originates in the proximal convoluted tubule of the renal filtering system.  It is the most common type of kidney cancer in adults, responsible for approximately 90% of kidney cancer cases. [1] 

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